BiOD’s technology allows for multiplexing, works with very low sample volumes, is a label-free measurement and is capable of delivering results as needed – qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative.

Features & Comparison


+ Low sample volume possible.

+ Drop sampling.

+ Results delivered as needed-qualitative, semi-quantitative or quantitative.

+ Label-free measurement


+ High efficient.

– High sample volume needed.

+ Marking required


+ Low-affinity antibody detection.

· Method in continous flow (dynamic response)

– Extended measurement duration

– Low multiplexing capability


+ High efficient.

– High sample volume needed.

– Marking required.

How our technology compares

BiOD’s technology is backed by alternative standards method – In order to verify effectiveness of our method, we developed an assay of small-molecules recognition comparing confocal fluorescence microscopy with BiOD’s technology.

The results are identical in both cases – the accuracy obtained through BiOD’s technology is even better than through confocal microscopy as can be seen in the error bars.

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