BiOD’s technology is a highly effective combination between an superior optical read-out method and highly sensitive bio-kits (sensor kits). Our technology is backed by two European patents and recognized in numerous scientific publications.


(WO2010/026269) – The transducers are based on the BICELL (Bio-Photonic Sensing Cells) concept developed by our research group. The BICELLs are networks of optical interferometers that change their response in reaction to the immobilization of biomolecules.

Readout platform:
(WO2014/020159) – In order to improve the detection limit not only the sensitivity of the transducers themselves, but also the uncertainty in the interrogation process is of crucial importance. Thanks to this invention with which we introduced a new measurement variable called IROP (Increased Relative Optical Power), we are able to improve the detection limit by the order of one magnitude for the same transducer.

Publications (most recent only)

Development towards compact nitrocellulose-based interferometric biochip for Dry Eye MMP9 label-free in-situ diagnosis
B. Santamaría, M.F. Laguna, D. López-Romero, A. López, F.J. Sanza, A. Lavín, R. Casquel , M. Maigler, R. Espinoza, M. Holgado
Sensors, 17 (2017)

Optical sensor based on periodic array of resonant nanopillars for real time monitoring
F. Fernádez, P. Ciaurriz, I. Cornago, A. López, F.J. Sanza, M.F. Laguna, M. Holgado
Sensors and Actuators, B 244 (2017)

Resonant nanopillars arrays for label-free biosensing.
A. López, R. Casquel, M. Holgado, I. Cornago, F. Fernández, P. Ciaurriz, F.J. Sanza, B. Santamaría, M. Maigler, M.F. Laguna
Optics Letters, 41 (2016)

Towards reliable optical label-free point-of-care (PoC) biosensing devices.
M. Holgado, M.V. Maigler, B. Santamaria, A.L. Hernández, A. Lavín, M.F. Laguna, F.J. Sanza, D. Granados, R. Casquel, J. Portilla, T. Riesgo
Sensors and Actuators, B 236 (2016)

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