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INNBIOD – Innovation and development of portable high efficiency bio-optical detection systems


  • RESEARCH TYPE Virus diagnosis

The main objective of the INNBIOD project is to develop an innovative PoC system based on disposable diagnostic KITs based on biochips and portable reading platforms, low cost and oriented to the end user

The technology is based on the novel concept of bio-photonic cells (BICELLS name coined in the latest publications) of easy integration and optical reading, which also allow a simple infiltration of analytes. The proof of concept of this basic technology on which the INNBIOD project is based has already been demonstrated at the laboratory level and is supported by publications in prestigious international journals (eg Biosensors & Bioelectronics) and patented at national and European level.

The demonstration of the research line of INNBIOD will have a significant impact in several sectors, such as biomedical, environmental, agri-food or doping, among others, being the biomedical sector in which most interest presents for the R&D lines undertake. That is why within the INNBIOD project the technology will be customized for four medical diagnostic KITS. The main kit that will be developed will be the disposable teardrop detection for dry eye, for which the following R & D lines will be carried out: production of antibodies, tear biochemistry, immunofluorescent printing cytology, profiling studies of tear and bioinformatic analysis and algorithms.

Ministry of Science and Innovation

Ref.: IPT-2011-1429-01000