About Us

Bio-optical detection was initially conceived by scientists from the research group of Optics, Photonics and Bio-Photonics within the Center of Biomedical Technology of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). From its founding in 2010 the company was focused primarily on R&D activities in collaboration with public and private institutions.

In 2017 BiOD was incorporated into BioHold with the explicit aim to expand its scope and commercialize services and products to the end-user market.

Enable economic performance: we offer reliable diagnostics, and continuously strive to further increase the value-add to our customers.

Facilitate commercialization of ideas: prime focus of our research are concrete and important issues; we are thinking of applicable and commercially viable solutions from the very beginning.

Foster interdisciplinary cooperation: we promote the dialogue and collaboration between disciplines with the aim to identify innovative solutions and approaches for molecular diagnostics.

We provide our clients with solutions and devices for instantaneous, reliable, and precise diagnostics enabling them to analyze efficiently and effectively.

Making molecular and biochemical diagnostics economically accessible for each and every person worldwide

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We have the utmost commitment towards each other at all hierarchical levels; We can trust that we deliver what we promised, both in terms of quality and timing.