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Our Values - Are they yours as well?


We have the utmost commitment towards each other at all hierarchical levels; We can trust that we deliver what we promised, both in terms of quality and timing.


We help each other, always – be it with the daily routine or in situations of personal difficulty; We are a strong and united team.


We know (and are genuinely interested in) what is happeningin our company; In equal measure we inform each otherabout the progress of our tasks ahead of time.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We deploy company resources as if they were ours (including our own time); Our decisions are based on quick and approximate costbenefit analyses.


We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves; we accept each one as an individual and jointly strive to create a memorable experience for the whole team.

Drive to excel

We are constantly trying to improve;We have both the mandate and the decision-making autonomy to overcome barriers and learn from our mistakes.

Obligation to dissent

We have a responsibility to contribute even when we disagree; We feel obliged to articulate our disagreement without fear and respectfully in order to improve our joint work.


We value everybody’s work and contribution; We help each other grow through candid and constructive feedback and we celebrate our successes.

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If you can’t find any matching opportunities below but are interested to join BiOD, we encourage you to reach out directly to jobs@biod.es. Please include a current CV and a one-page cover letter why you would like to work with us and what you think you can contribute to our team.