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biod MOX


The biod MOX is a versatile screening workstation based on Increase Relative Optical Power (IROP) techonology, which relies on the interferometric optical signals of two interferometers as a biosensing method of quantifying the biomolecule accumulation or recognition in the sensing area. It is capable of working with low concentration of reagents and low sample volume per measurement in order to be used for screening in several immunoassays steps and methodologies. This label-free device complies an easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for immunoassays optimization in terms of performance, reagents cost, and measuring time.


Signal ObtainedIROP
Analyte typesProteins, Antigens, Antibodies, Viruses, Bacteriae, Small Molecules
Sensitivity~ pg/mL
Analysis time5 minutes
Sample volume2-3 μL per sensing unit
SoftwareEasy-to-use graphical user interface
DimensionsW 60 cm, D 40 cm, H 45 cm; Weight 30 Kg