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Our technology is based on a greatly effective combination between a superior optical read-out platform and a highly sensitive bio-kit to perform in-vitro diagnostics

Bio-kit (sensor)

We have developed optical sensors made of a highly reflective substrate material. In them, we manufacture a series of nanostructures (i.e. tiny wells among others) that we customize with different bio-receptors depending on the target molecule that our client needs to detect.

Optical sensor

In order to offer an effective screening service, it is essential to have a tight collaboration with our client:

Specific union
  • What we provide: Methodological competences in screening in order to obtain the best results
  • What we need from our client: All available information in order to perform the assays with maximum effectiveness
    • Links and relation between bio receptor and target molecule
    • Potential alternative compounds which might lend themselves better to our method
    • Experience with linkers and standard molecules (e.g., streptavidin, biotin)

Once we have functionalized our bio sensor with the appropriate bio receptors, we place on it a biological sample susceptible of containing the target molecule, incubate it (if needed) and finally wash it in order to make a dry measurement with our optical read-out platform.

Optical read-out platform

Our platform’s technology is based upon interferometry between two interferometers – one for the bio sensor and one, not functionalized and placed inside the read-out platform, to be used as a reference. In a few minutes, the device reads both signals, mathematically transforms them and analyzes their differences in order to provide a quick, reliable and quantitative diagnosis of the presence or not of the target molecule.

Reader Platform