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Features & Comparison

Features & Comparison


  • Label-free

    Acquisition of data without the need of any label (fluorescent, colorimetric, electrochemical, etc.).

  • Multiplexing

    Detect and analyze several assays in parallel.

  • Time-saving

    Less than 5 minutes detection time for most assays. Complex ones, with 50+ different samples, could still be completed in less than 20 minutes.

  • Low sample consumption

    Only 2-3 µL of post-treated sample required per sensing unit (well).

  • Real-Time

    Continuous monitoring of biochemical interactions with results available immediately after testing.

  • Versatile

    Our technology is suitable for different research needs, allowing for a wide scope of analyte (e.g. proteins, viruses, oligonucleotides, bacteria) and sample types (e.g. serum, tear, saliva, urine).

  • Easy to operate

    Simple pre-treatment of samples. No need to perform periodic calibrations.


Comparing the established screening methods, BiOD’s technology show an optimal balance between expense and precision.


Our technology exhibits precise, quantitative and short analysis time and a good correlation with widely and clinically accepted technologies like ELISA or fluorescence.

Detection of IFN-gamma with IODM (Interferometric Optical Detection Method) is highly correlated with results obtained from ELISA

Testing the inhibition capacity of a drug on a target molecule as a function of different concentrations [Inhibitor: Target]