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Patents & Publications

Patents & Publications

Our technology is backed by three European patents and recognized in numerous scientific publications.


(EP2327955A1) – The transducers are based on the BICELL (Bio-Photonic Sensing Cells) concept developed by our research group. The BICELLs are networks of optical interferometers that change their response in reaction to the immobilization of biomolecules.

Readout Platform:
(EP2880396A1) – Optical measuring system based on the vertical interrogation of a transducer. We introduced with it a new measurement variable called IROP (Increased Relative Optical Power).

Assay method:
(ES2750374A1) – This patent covers the interoperation of the read-out platform with the transducers. The bioassay allows for a qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of a target molecule in a complex matrix biological sample.



(most relevant)

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